Money-Making Playlist

1. OM 252 Larry Laveman Question

2. OM 219 Ten Levels Deep Question

3. OM 254 The Number Question

4. PW 37 Money Dedication Question

Inspired Insights from PrivateWorkers

  1. Jennifer Hillegas

    I worry and save also! Money flows to me like an unending river and I use it to bless others and lift people up and I save along the way! I love paying my bills on time and I stop immediately when receiving a bill and gratefully pay it then! I am highly responsible with the money that God has trusted me with and I use it to glorify and multiple his kingdom too!

  2. I could learn to be a giver and wise spender so that I could become a disciplined earner. The giver and spender helps me realize that money comes to me from various sources. Money is abundant but you must be disciplined in earning it.

  3. This is my first playlist and I am enjoying the process of learning more about attracting money when I dedicate my conscious energy to it. Money and I are both energy and we work well together to to create a purposeful life force and make the world a better place.

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